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System 5 was established in 1988 and now boasts offices in Johannesburg, Sydney and Dallas. Originally started as an IT Support and Development company System 5 quickly realised the importance of providing products that enhance client business processes. System 5 thus distribute software products and created a national network of authorised dealers to support and service the System 5 product range.


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What is the System 5 IT difference?

innovative and personalised IT solutions

We use our expertise to plan, implement, evaluate and improve ever evolving IT systems through constant innovation and rigorous staff training.

We call it "Best of Breed" Powered by System 5.

Our Strategy is to provide effective products and services to medium and corporate enterprises in South Africa, through innovative and personalised IT solutions.

We also proactively recommend technologies to enhance the performance of our clients' IT infrastructure and add value to their business.

How can System 5 help your business?

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Responsibility-based IT services with energetic, results-driven staff and a single point of contact to resolve all IT related issues.

No call centres and you have direct access to our technical staff.

Data security & innovative system design along with cost-effective Disaster Recovery solutions and rapid recovery from data loss or corruption.  

We research & implement industry leading technologies and possess multiple skills across a broad range of operating systems and network environments.

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  • The System 5 Team
    GREG - Since 1990
    Managing Director
    Detailed, meticulous and predictable “leave it to me”
    JUSTIN - Since 2004
    Senior Sales & Marketing Manager
    Responsive, determined, results driven “get it done”
    ROLF - Since 2004
    Senior Account Manager
    Planner, innovative, structured, “zee German”
    JOHN M - Since 2000
    Senior Account Manager
    Helpful, respectful, willing and capable “Missile”
    JOHN S - Since 2005
    Senior Account Manager
    Clarity, communication, partnership “Let’s be clear”
    CRAIG - Since 2008
    Operations Manager
    Keep it fun, do it now “Lock your computer prankster”
    RYAN - Since 2007
    Senior Account Manager
    Hardworking, do what it takes, resilient “Yes Sir”
  • Our Skillset
    System 5 has a wide array of skills on offer and adopts a "cookie cutter" approach to IT with tried and tested technologies which we deploy across our customer base. This creates a standardized environment providing predictable availability to our customers.
  • BBBEE Certification
    At System 5 (Pty) Ltd we achieved an excellent BBBEEE Scoring and will maintain it through our learnership incentives. We are aiming to expand the empowerment opportunities within our company. Through pro-active participation, to create opportunities where all employees can equally compete, on the basis of merit. System 5 (Pty) Ltd will actively strive to help all individuals to reach their full potential and become productive contributors to our skilled knowledge base. Download our BEE Certificate (pdf)