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Business Internet Connectivity

Optimally Online, at speed, all the time

Being online & being optimally online are two different things!

Optimally Online, at speed, all the time!

Is your Business Internet Connectivity a source of Frustration? Hindrance? Handbrake? Achilles heel?
Connectivity is as important to your business profitability as Backup and Disaster Recovery is for your business safety.

Stay connected with System 5

Enterprise grade connectivity at affordable prices means you no longer need to be unhappy with your business connectivity or internet speeds

Many businesses stick with existing service providers despite poor connection, speed & uptime simply because the idea of change is a challenge. System 5 will deliver the connectivity you want & need without disrupting business operations. Simple.

The power of connectivity

We at System 5 deliver reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity across your organisation and we can customise a solution for you.

We know that your business would grow with predictable and reliable Internet connections enabling you to handle the growing demands of data sharing and your general Internet access needs.

Let us meet all your connectivity requirements

Dedicated Internet access with System 5


high-speed Internet


enable growth


Predictable Availability

Delivering Predictable Availability

Dedicated Internet Connectivity

Dedicated Internet access with System 5 enables business critical communications to remain predictable and reliable. Benefit from high speed, full time connections that enable organizational growth.

With our best of breed, high-speed and full-time connections you get:

  • Secure Internet access
  • Reliable Internet access
  • Fast Internet access
  • Customizable bandwidth
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 365 days maintenance
  • Guaranteed uptime

The reality is, you do not need to pay an arm and a leg for superb Internet connectivity, simply need to work with the right people.

Everything your Organisation Needs

Tailored Business Solutions

Whether it be a basic Internet connection, VPN, MPLS Network, Hosted, Cloud or VOIP solution, System 5 can consult and provide a tailored solution for your business.

We have solutions for:

  • Multi-location offices
  • Cloud based services
  • Heavy and frequent file transfers
  • Webhosting and application hosting
  • Reliable access to the internet, matched with reliable speeds
  • Matching upload and download data rates
  • A managed service delivery to ensure predictable availability
  • Uncapped, unshaped internet services
  • Flexibility to upgrade to dedicated fixed line internet
  • VOIP & Hosted PBX
Infrastructure Supply

Infrastructure Supply

Delivering predictable availability with best of breed technology.

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Delivering reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity throughout the entire organisation.

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Backup & DR

Backup & DR

Business resilience delivered with backups & high availability powered by System 5.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

Tailored support and deployment options to suit both business need and budget.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Secure and reliable cloud solutions tailored for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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Mail Archiving

Mail Archiving

Driving Regulatory Compliance & Protecting company email resources.

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